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Welcome to Nepal Wildlife Resort!!!

Dear Honorable client/Agent,

Namaste! (traditional Nepalese greetings.)
Nepal is a small sovereign independent kingdom but huge in terms of its diversity: from highest peaks (Mt.Everest) in the world in the north to steamy jungle in the south which is Tarai region. Nepal has a population of 30 million people consisting of different tribes, rich cultural and religious heritage site. Straddling the Himalayas, Nepal forms a boundary between the Indian Sub Continent and the high plateau lands of Asia. It is land locked country with joyful festivals. In modern terms it’s a poor, exotic, third world country, with difficult mountain terrain, too many people, little fertile land, and lots of development problems. But it’s also a country with a proud history, a sense of unity, fine friendly people, a country with few roads, but wonderful river.Tourist having various interests enjoys here trekker, river runner, wildlife enthusiast, poet, artist, writer, scholar or those in search of personal Shangri -La.