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Jeep Safari/Driving:

Jeep safari

Exploring the jungle through the Jeep drive is really a life time memory of any visitor.It is a safe and the visitors can go to the each nook and corner of the jungle so they can collect the unforgettable experience of watching the animals in close. Our naturalist will explain the places and the animals found in the specific areas during the drive. During jeep safari you might enjoy and get experience of the jungle and wild animals. This is the easy and fastest way to explore the park, allowing you to journey deep into the jungle. You will take visit some of the best viewing towers and you go off-road in a four-wheel drive for an unforgettable safari experience.We stop many places to wait see the wild animal and there are more chance to view Tiger,Rhino,wildlife Elephant,deer wild boar and many wild animal.Our naturalist know the places where wild animal come to drink water.Of course it is not sure but there are more chance to view.We can go for whole day and also a half day Jeep safari. When we go for whole day we take pack lunch and have like a dry picnic.It make you very good experience in the park.
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