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There are varieties of ways to explore Bardia National Park which can provide you the memorable moment of encountering different animals and birds in different areas. Our naturist will discuss recent sightings with you and your own personal interests,and tailor your visits into the park and its surrounding accordingly. The major activities we offer to our guest are:

Elephant Safari:

It is very popular activities of the park.This is mainly focused for the sightings of Rhinos & wildlife Elephants  possibly the Tiger as well. It is safe and very much interesting.Elephant safari in Bardia national park are the best way to explore the flora and fauna.During the Elephant safari there are more chance to view wild animal with safety from the close.Government Elephant is use for Elephant safari and private Elephant are not allow to go inside the park.Anyway Elephant safari is fear less trip. This trip provide the safest and easiest way to visit around inside the jungle.Walking through tall grasslands and dense You’ll sight wildlife safely from the back of the elephant. Maot is very experience and he guide you how go to the park. He advice you do not make noisy during the trip and also we advice you to use natural jungle color clothes and use some cream for your skin safety. There are not so poisonable grass and insect even though better for protect use cream.Some time leaches find in the park. Mosquitoes are also can be found. If there are near Tiger ,Elephant do not like to go near the Tiger. Elephant know by smile how far is Tiger. Tiger and Elephant afraid each others.

Jeep Safari/Driving:

Exploring the jungle through the Jeep drive is really a life time memory of any visitor.It is a safe and the visitors can go to the each nook and corner of the jungle so they can collect the unforgettable experience of watching the animals in close. Our naturalist will explain the places and the animals found in the specific areas during the drive. During jeep safari you might enjoy and get experience of the jungle and wild animals. This is the easy and fastest way to explore the park, allowing you to journey deep into the jungle. You will take visit some of the best viewing towers and you go off-road in a four-wheel drive for an unforgettable safari experience.We stop many places to wait see the wild animal and there are more chance to view Tiger,Rhino,wildlife Elephant,deer wild boar and many wild animal.Our naturalist know the places where wild animal come to drink water.Of course it is not sure but there are more chance to view.We can go for whole day and also a half day Jeep safari. When we go for whole day we take pack lunch and have like a dry picnic.It make you very good experience in the park.

Jungle Walking:

Jungle walking in the bardia national is the best way for wild animal Sightseeing. Jungle trek on foot won’t be noisy like jeep safari or like a Elephant safari so it do not disturb to the animal.Our guide know how to walk safely in the jungle so you do not need to worry. Guide take you the best place to view wild animal. During the jungle walking guide explain you what seen in the jungle about flora and fauna.There are two types of jungle waking.One we go for whole day with pack lunch it provide more chance to view the wild animal.The other way is jungle trek for half day. We go trekking in the morning or in the day time. It,s also provide good chance to view wild animal.You can choose what you like.Jungles walks,generally,a favorite event of each visitor in Bardia is very much memorable for tracing foot prints of the Tiger. It also provides an opportunity of watching different kinds of animals in the park. Watching the park, early in the morning also provides a good feeling to the guests. Park is open to go on sunrise and we need to get out on sunset.

Tharu Cultural Dance

Tharu culture programe:

The short & refreshing cultural program of the local tribe of Bardia/Bardiya , Tharu, will provide the visitors a diverse entertainment with their folk dances & the music. Our guest also can participate in the groups for dancing & It is the best moment to understand the culture & the traditions of the Tharu people of Nepal.Tharu is the tribe of the area and their life style is quit different them other people. Some place dance teach the people how to safe from wildlife animal attract it is not only point of view to protect but it is the way to enjoy.

Rafting on karnali river:

Our guest can enjoy rafting in the longest river of Nepal, Karnali in their visit to Bardia. They can also swim in the river and see a wide variety of wildlife.Rafting on Karnali river is real exiting and adventure. But we provide not on big rapid places. We start from near Karnali river which is already started flat.It is considered to be the most beautiful and enjoyable trip in Nepal for wildlife trip.There are a great mixed of jungle scenery
and lowland forests. It flow through the Bardia national park so there are more chance to view wild animal who come to swim and to drink the water. During the journey in Wild West having some beautiful place and birds with beautiful landscape sceneries. Our rafting guides are experienced
rafters who have run many times and he know which direction is better to view wild animal and safe. Our guide have the skills to provide you with a safe and enjoyable trip. There will always be a guide in every boat who will give instructions on paddling and pick out the safest route on the river.
Your trip will be finish place is determine by guide it is depend the water level and situation. After rafting finished you will pick up to the resort.This trip provide more chance to view Tiger,Rhino and wild Elephant with many others animal and birds.

Bird watching.

Bird Watching tour:

Wide range of Jungle areas is famous for bird watching destination.

More than 200 species of birds are found here. There are a number of long walks, especially along the river, which are good for bird watching.

We provide you the naturalist for bird watching tour. Bird Lovers will definitely love this tour which will be memorable for their lifetime. 

Crocodile Tour:


Our guests can find the Crocodiles mainly in the two places of Bardia National Park. They can see them near the park headquarter in conserved areas but the wide range of visit to Babai river can be the best tour for Crocodile’s sightseeing.

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