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Jungle Walking:

Jungle walking

Jungle walking in the bardia national is the best way for wild animal Sightseeing. Jungle trek on foot won’t be noisy like jeep safari or like a Elephant safari so it do not disturb to the animal.Our guide know how to walk safely in the jungle so you do not need to worry. Guide take you the best place to view wild animal. During the jungle walking guide explain you what seen in the jungle about flora and fauna.There are two types of jungle waking.One we go for whole day with pack lunch it provide more chance to view the wild animal.The other way is jungle trek for half day. We go trekking in the morning or in the day time. It,s also provide good chance to view wild animal.You can choose what you like.Jungles walks,generally,a favorite event of each visitor in Bardia is very much memorable for tracing foot prints of the Tiger. It also provides an opportunity of watching different kinds of animals in the park. Watching the park, early in the morning also provides a good feeling to the guests. Park is open to go on sunrise and we need to get out on sunset.
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